Private Birthday Party Booking


Private Birthday Party Booking
Private Birthday Party Booking
Private Birthday Party Booking
Private Birthday Party Booking
Private Birthday Party Booking


Private Birthday Party Booking


Children's Birthday Celebrations

Give your child a glass experience they will never forget.

Call or Email for Date Availability 
Brazee Birthday Parties are typically scheduled on Saturday afternoons. 
call - 513-321-0206, email - angie@brazeestreetstudios.com

Your child will experience hands-on learning in a bright and open environment with their closest friends and family. Select a project from our menu of options, or design a project with your child’s interests in mind. Brazee offers Birthday Celebrations to children ages 6 and up. 

Party Policies + Pricing

We offer a variety of art class-style Birthday Party options for your young artist, starting at $400.

$400 includes:
$100 - Rental Fee (50% Discounted for children's events, $200 standard rate)
$300 - Glass Project Minimum (Glass projects during your event must collectively reach the $300 min)

We require your payment of $100 (discounted) rental fee to hold your chosen date. You will be notified before additional charges are added. You are responsible for helping staff clean up after your party.

Your Party Will Include
- Use of the studio for two hours. If your guests stay longer than the scheduled time, a minimum $50 fee will be added for each additional half hour.
- An individual project for each party guest and/or a collaborative project as a gift for the Birthday child. CLICK HERE FOR GLASSROOM PROJECT OPTIONS.
- The option to bring your own snacks, drinks, and cake for your guests.
- Glass preparation, class instruction, and kiln firing. Projects must be fired in the kiln overnight, sometimes longer. Plan to pick up your group’s pieces one week after the party date.

Additional Fees
- Pre-firing fee for children under 6 years old $50
- If your guests stay longer than 2 hours in the studio, you will be charged an additional $50/half hour

2 hour blocks on Saturday afternoons may be available for your birthday party. Additional times may be available during the week, depending on our calendar. Please plan your party 4-8 weeks in advance. Be sure to confirm your date and time with Brazee Staff before sending out invitations.

Snacks + Treats
Bring your own cake, drinks, snacks, plates, and silverware! We do have a refrigerator and microwave on site that you may use, but we do not have a freezer. You are responsible for helping staff clean up any food mess before leaving the studio.

Please ask guests to wear closed toed shoes in the studio. Provided safety glasses are to be worn at all times while working with the glass. Children over 6 years old may bend glass stringers over tea light candles, but proper safety must be observed.

Bring an iPod to play your own party music! We have an iPod hookup in the studio that you are free to use. Be sure to allow time for eating snacks and opening gifts, if desired.

Sample Party Schedule
0:00-0:10 Party guests arrive
0:10-0:25 Instruction and glass material demos
0:25-1:25 Glass project work time
1:25-1:35 Glass clean up
1:35-2:00 Cake, snacks, presents

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